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The Gospel of Prayer

I have not blogged in a long time and for that I apologize.  No excuse will be offered for it would just be an excuse.  What I want to write about today has been on my heart for some weeks now since I learned of this prayer need.  Please join in payer and please spread the prayer need along to others.  Now the interesting thing is I cannot share the specifics of the prayer need because there is great danger concerning it.  The danger is the heavenly realm as well as in the physical world we live in where this need is.  So here goes saying what I can say without saying. 

First, I believe there is a spiritual world that is just as real as the physical world we live in.  There are many names for this and I won’t bother to try and begin getting into it.  And just as there is a God and Jesus Christ His son, our savior and Lord, there is a devil, Satan.  If you drop the letter d in devil you have the meaning of who he is, evil.  I Peter 5: talks about our adversary, the devil, who prowls around seeking whom he may devour.  And if he has half a chance he will. 

Now, so as to not give him any more due we serve the Almighty God Himself who through Jesus Christ has defeated Satan, the devil, and who lives and reigns.  The devil has no right on the life of a believer.  But until Jesus comes back, and I hope it is soon, we live in a fallen world where evil loves to party and make misery. 

With that brief theology lesson out of the way here goes with the story.  There are countries in this world where Satan has a much greater influence over the affairs of mankind.  You may be wondering if it could get worse that what the United States is going through right now (yes, this is a cheap political shot) but it can.  There is a woman who is pregnant with her second child.  The country she lives in does not like children, does not like multiple children and also likes to decide which sex of child can live or not live.  They will be ruthless to snuff out this life and cause grave circumstances in the lives of the parents.  Now this woman is a believer in Jesus Christ as God’s son and savior.  That is something else that this country looks very unfavorably towards.  So just starting out she and her husband have two strikes against them.  Well folks, they are not out because it takes three strikes in baseball to be called out.  With God nothing is impossible. 

Now, why has this gotten to me so deeply?  I don’t really know but I would like to offer some images that I think might help explain it.  I see a mother who believes in God and believing in God means believing in love.  Evil is the opposite of love and it hates love, seeking to destroy it.  But a mother’s love is beyond comprehension.  I am a man and I can’t get close to grasping it, I just see it and know it is real.  And this love is for the child she is carrying within her, moving, growing, sharing oneness with the mother. 

And evil is there seeking to destroy this helpless child, to rob the mother of being able to love and nurture and bring forth life into a world that is so desperate for love. 

All this pulls my heart and I would love nothing more than to go and camp out where this woman and her husband live and stop evil from attacking and killing.  But I can’t.  What I can do is pray and then I can pray some more.  Finally I can keep praying.  I can call on all the powers of heaven to intercede for this family in a far off country, people who I do not even know their names seeking God Himself to have mercy and to allow this child to be born into the loving arms of a mother who is spending nine months in fear and dread that evil will come knocking on the door to claim this precious life.  God, have mercy on this situation. 

That is what I can do and that is what I am asking for help from everyone who reads this blog post.  Would you please join in prayer for this un-named mother and her husband that God would intercede and bless them with a healthy child that they can love with the love of Jesus?  Then, would you please comment and simply say “I will pray for this child.”  Let your voice be heard in a small way. 

The interesting thing about this type of prayer is that we don’t know.  I know there is this situation, I do not know the name of the mother or the father (perhaps her name is Mary and his name is Joseph?) but I do not know the world into which the child will be born or its future.  I certainly do not want to play God.  But I do not want to see evil triumph, to rob and steal and kill. 

I believe in love and hope and I long for the day that a report might reach me that a child was born and that a mother and father are celebrating the new life.  That I will also blog and pass on.  But I ask you to seek God for this couple and I ask it in Jesus Holy name.  This is the gospel of prayer.  Amen.