God Is

God is.  Simple noun and simple verb that make a complete sentence and therefore a complete statement.  It can also be the jumping off point for a lot more and there are countless expositions of the nature and character of God.  Wherever you want to go with it you can and it would be valid.  But that is not the point of this simple post today.

This morning I went to the gym for a workout.  My time on the floor was good, not great, and I accomplished a lot in terms of exercising my body.  Generally when I finish on the floor I spend time in the hot tub followed by the lap pool.  Feels really good to first loosen the body and stretch muscles I have just worked.  Then the lap pool is very cool and sucks all the skin back tight and just washes me all over.  Wonderful.

So the hot tub jets are operated by a timer that cuts off the action after 10 minutes which is a reasonable time to not get overheated.  So I am in the hot tub and the jets and pulsating action quit and I was left sitting in a nice really hot tub of water.  A compulsion came over me to seek the presence of God.  Right there and right then.  Before I describe this I will say that God is always with us, always present (whether we like it or not) always available to us to commune with Him.

So I closed my eyes and began to adore Him and worship Him, and I began to dwell on who God is, what does that mean?  My first leading in this thinking was the heavens above, the universe we live in.  The world of stars and galaxies and all the other grandness.  I thought of the galaxies which right now are in massive collisions,  greater than anything we can conceive of, the black holes which swallow all matter just out there right now.  Then I thought about particle physics, the smallest things man studies and knows about.  We can’t even see them.  If science is lucky they will take a picture of the trails left when they are able to collide two of them, and God is.  He is above, below and all around it all.

I moved to the lap pool and began swimming broad backstrokes doing laps, back and forth, back and forth.  God is, God is present, God is.  As I was floating on the water God is under the water, holding me up.  God set about for hydrogen and oxygen to be able to combine just right to form water.  God allowed heat to warm the water.  While on the floor I had seen on of the trainers working with a blind lady.  God is the creator of the phenomena we call light.  God set the conditions for light to act both as a particle and as a wave, characteristics necessary for it to behave like we know.  To allow for the diffraction of light in the atmosphere, light from some 93 million miles away, to produce the blue sky, the yellows, oranges, reds, and myriad more that we all love to watch.  God is who set about the absence of light, darkness.  Ever tour a cavern where at the very lowest point the tour guide is obliged to have you sit while they turn out the lights to show you what total darkness it?  Yet Go is, her is there and He is the author of it as well as the comfort in it.

I thought of our earth.  Now, in our culture we think of north as being up.  So I pictured God, with His index finger at the south pole, spinning the earth like a top, just watching it in amazement as it spun round and round.  Think Harlem Globetrotters here folks.  Pretty cool huh?  God just spinning the earth, with us on it, watching and enjoying His ability.

So, do you think about God?  How do you think about God?  Give that question a few minutes to sink in.  God is not limited and we are created in His image.  With God nothing is impossible.  What is the God vision He wants to share with you?  Will you reach for all that He has and break out of the normal?  Our normal is really second or third class.  After all we are talking about God here, God and you and me.  Last Saturday I stopped by the place that cuts my hair.  On the side they make hula-hoops (yes, I am old enough to remember them) and I asked to borrow one.  Because it was the first weekend of summer I tried to hula-hoop after all these many years.  With everything God I ask you simply, why not?


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