Non Sequiter Time

Non Sequiter Time

Okay folks, I realize that the cartoon I am posting today is copied from today’s comics. I further realize tht doing so is probably highly illegal and if the police show up on my door to arrest me I will go peacefully. I would suggest that no one sue me over the matter because to be honest I did not win Saturday’s PowerBall lottery and I really don’t have anything worth suing for. If the lawyers and such want it removed just ask.

Now, I would like to point out a few things. My copying Wiley Miller’s cartoon I consider to be a very high form of flattery. It is a most excellent cartoon after all. Further, if you note in the title, The first character is named Bernie and that is my name. Now, I have thought about and considered time in this exact manner and I might have even posted some of my thoughts. I would like to think that Wiley flattered me by copying what I had blogged

In conclusion read the comic, enjoy it, have a great Sunday. Mr. Miller, you are a most excellent cartoonist if I may say so.

Oh, I am retired (but I do wear a watch to tell me what day it is), I have a mustache, I enjoy a good stunt like this one is, and it is a marvelous concept of how we live.


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