What, me worry? – Part 2

Yesterday .”I posted about a friends blog titled “the burdens of this life My focus was on the word worry I talked about being focused on the wrong things, thus worry sets in and things go downhill. Responding to a different tweet I said that we are our own worst enemy, and we are. we are blind, one sided (my side is always right after all), and as stubborn as they come. Does this ring a bell in your life?

I received an email this morning from WordPress (publishers of this blog) that someone was following my blog. Wow, some stranger (in a strange land if you like Robert Heinlein) wants to know what I write and say. That to me is very humbling. So being the person I am I researched to learn what I could about them. It appears they are in North Carolina and is about the business of being a real church by loving all people. That is nice. Reading further I found a statement from their mission statement that spoke to me. “…encounter the life changing message of Jesus Christ.” I have encountered Jesus Christ and I have embraced the life changing message He brought and shared (actually gave when He did on the cross). If this is so then why am I burdened and worried, why am I failing in the embracing part of a life in Christ? Why is probably the most common question people ask?

So far this post hasn’t said anything worth saying, it hasn’t addressed the problem, or any problem for that matter. We know we have problems, burdens, worries and we ask Why” but as human beings we become galvanized to inaction. I came up with that term. One dictionary defines galvanize as “stimulate somebody to act: to stimulate somebody or something into great activity.” But we become galvanized to inaction. We are like deer stuck in the headlights of an oncoming car.

I offer to myself and to each person that reads the following advice. Get up off your butt and return to your first Love, Jesus. It is not simply a matter of being “saved” or of security of the eternal, it is about living with the Living One,, of doing what we know is right, of doing, let me repeat that word, doing. That means not knowing but putting it into action. Yes, I have problems, worries, burdens, yada, yada, yada. But I will still proclaim I am alive (in this case through my fingers on a keyboard). I will keep on, breathing each breath knowing that it is a gift. I will tackle problems one by one and tell each one that it will not have control over me.


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