What, me worry?


In order to read this blog today you need to first read the post that is linked above. If I should have first asked for permission to link the blog I apologize for not doing so in advance.

Now the post above titled “the-burdens-of-this life” spurred me to ponder my life. The word worry stuck out and I commented that that did not seem to be what we should be about. I will copy my comment below in a minute. Do I worry? Yes, but I think that more than worry I have allowed myself to get caught up with myself and my life problems. I am much older than I once was (61, almost 62) my health, if I was honest, would be considered poor (ask me and I will tell you that it is decent, a lie). From a human standpoint I have problems and “woes is me” out the yazoo (that is a polite term for you know what). Yet the Lord gives me each new day, He gives me each breath I take in. He gives me the light of day and the dark of night, both are my/our friend. He feeds me, clothes me, shelters me. He brought a dog into my life along with two cats to befriend me. He is restoring my art.

The author of the above blog asks us top ponder things. When I do I see I have been focused on all the wrong things. The question then becomes how do I turn back to that which is important. He never leaves me nor forsakes me, even though I so quickly allow myself to get caught up in petty things (like myself). What about you? When was the last time you really talked with God? Let me repeat the question, when is the last time you really talked with God? One on one, mano to mano. Direct, God speak, I want to hear your voice. I invite you to take that time. Maybe in the shower or bathtub (good place to say God, wash me clean for I am filthy) or while looking at His creation that we call nature and the universe.

Here is my comment to the above blog post:
I first did a brief read through when I was first notified and thought about the hard drives I have sitting at home (state secrets, nuclear bomb plans, cure for all ills, etc.) contained on the drives. Heaven forbid if the Feds come knocking on my door after monitoring this note. I went back over the post while having supper of a brisket wrap. What, me worry? Can you name the famous person that said that? worry to me is a word that has its place but I don’t think your application is a proper one for it. Instead, what you are discussing is having our minds, lives, beings, etc. focused on Christ. Moreover it is not allowing the Holy Spirit to have full reign in our hearts, minds, beings, etc. Jesus is to be Lord of our entire life and that, to me, is the crux of where I fail. I refer back to Peter, in a boat on a stormy sea. Jesus calls him to come and join Him. Peter finds himself walking on water, then he realizes he is walking on water. That is not a normal state of affairs. I am now much older than I was, and not as healthy. Do I focus on all the things I could do and now can’t or do I focus on the fact I am one day closer to being with Jesus? I don’t think I am worried about all the negative, I think I am focused on it and not focused on the One who gives me my every breath. I say breath because that is our most basic need. Yes, He provides us with food, shelter, love, and so much more. But lets just keep a focus on the basics. He breathes His life into us with every breath we take. Thank you for a very thought provoking post.


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