Marfa Lights

In far West Texas, between the town of Alpine and Marfa, there exists a phenomena named the Marfa lights. Either the City of Marfa or the Texas Department of Transportation has even built a full roadside park, with a covered patio like area and ample parking, complete with red light night time lighting for the express purpose of providing a place for people to go who seek to observe these “lights.”

I prefer to have references to back up what I say. That is not to say the references are correct but at least they can be referenced. In checking the Marfa Lights on several internet encyclopedic sites several conclusions can be drawn. The apparent first written account of this phenomena is in 1957 and that author talked about the lights having been seen back in the 1800’s by Native Americans, ranchers, travelers, etc. However, there are listed online at least two named sources who reported seeing them as far back as 1916. Thus, there are some firsthand accounts dating back that far.

Studies have been carried out by different university groups that have not arrived at a conclusive cause for the lights. Several typical explanations for them have been put forward. Included in those is reflections of automobile lights on a nearby highway (that is actually not nearby). My question here is “how much automobile traffic occurs at night in rural West Texas, much less back in 1916”?

Not everyone who goes out to see these lights sees them. They are not visible all of the time, nor are they consistent. They appear as balls of colored light that rise and drop, changing colors from yellow to blues to other colors. But, I submit, just because you do, or do not, experience them on a given night does not prove they do not exist.

On a trip to west Texas we went to the Marfa Lights Viewing area one night, set up lawn chairs and waited. We stared and looked into the very pitch black night in a southerly direction. We noted the distant farm house lights, the highway that was off to one side and very far off in the distance. Then the lights did appear, dancing, undulating, moving, rising, falling, multicolored and changing, The group of four I was with saw them. I do not know the cause, be it atmospheric inversion, quartz rock expansion and contraction emitting electrical charges, whatever. For myself, and the others I was with, the lights do exist. This is based on empirical knowledge, that knowledge gained by experiment or experience.
I hope that people, and scientific people at that, will continue to seek the cause for this event that occurs. But no matter what the findings are the lights do exist for me and that cannot be changed.
Finally, and as a conclusion, I believe in God.

Bernie Davies


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