Perils of Ebay

Well off and on I get the EBay bug.  I figured out how I can process black and white roll film at home and it is something I haven’t done in many years.  So I started digging out all of my old equipment and found I needed a “few” items to get started.  So I went on EBay.  Nothing comes easy.  Most of what all I bought was as described, and I don’t expect all like new products, but I had one item that the seller described as “pock marks (paint loss)” that I know from my experience in photography is actually a lens problem that will only get worse.  I am beginning the process of trying to resolve the matter but I suspect I will end up eating the whole thing because the seller, while they say they will refund the purchase price, they won’t refund the shipping charges.  Guess what, that is close to the total purchase price and not worth it.  I will post more as the saga continues.  such is life.


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