My space in space – a begining

I am attempting to step out in space and proclaim that I am.  What does “I am” mean you ask?  I had a dream the other night that was a Star Trek, the Next Generation episode.  In it Picard had to convince people that they mattered and that they did exist because the universe was shrinking and fixing to not exist.  well I woke up to do what old men do at night when they have had too much water during the evening and remembered enough of the dream and a key concept from it.  I actually wrote down what I remembered of the quote.  “As human beings we are not perfect.  but, we are perfect human beings.”  I have been pondering this and discussed with a couple of people who did not grasp what I was saying at all.  So I pondered and sought what this great wisdom was that had come to me in a dream.  Here goes.  Human beings are not perfect, except for one man, Jesus of Nazareth.  We are human, we each have our shortcomings, our failings, as well as moments where we get things right.  But God created us perfect in our being imperfect.  We find our fullness and completeness in Him and in Him alone.  It is okay to not be perfect.  Really, it is.  You are not too tall nor are you too short.  You are not too fat or too skinny.  If you are not as intelligent as Einstein that is okay.  You are you and I am me.  We each occupy our space in space.  In theoretical science there is a sub field of study called the Chaos Theory which studies the unpredictable nature of nature.  From that there is what is called the Butterfly Effect.  Philip Merilees concocted Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? as a title for a scientific lecture.  What it is implying is that each of us imperfect human beings does have an effect on a much greater scale.  You and I do matter in the grand scheme of the cosmos.  There, I said it, you, and I have a space in space.  fill it well.


Bernie Davies


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